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Jewellery care.


Top tips to keep tinybird  jewellery  looking fab: 


Perfume,hairspray, and body sprays may cause silver jewellery to tarnish quickly so putting your jewellery on last when dressing is a good idea.


Many harsh chemicals including bleach, chlorine and other cleaning detergents will cause silver to tarnish and impede the shine so we always advise to take off your jewellery before doing housework.


It's best that  you take your jewellery off and keep it somewhere safe when swimming, bathing and showering or as the water and chemicals will damage your tinybird silver jewellery.

Keep your wonderful new jewellery in the gorgeous pouch it came in. This will prevent scratching.


If you start to feel like your jewellery has lost some of its shine, we suggest using a soft jeweller’s silver cloth to gently polish it which will restore the sparkle. Alternatively, you can clean it in mild soapy water ensuring that you dry it thoroughly before putting away. You can even gently use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste to remove any collected dirt.

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