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  • Classic British jewellery

    Made from 50% recycled silver

  • Classic British jewellery

    Made from 50% recycled silver

  • Classic British design

    Made from 50% recycled silver

 Welcome to the garden of Jewellery. Classic silver wearables all designed and proudly made in the Uk.

Designed and made in Britain

We very much see ourselves as part of the proud tradition of British jewellery makers.Everything we do is made in the  UK. To keep our carbon footprint low, we source all our materials here too. We want to reduce waste and be as eco friendly as possible so our pieces come in beautiful boxes you will want to keep with reusable pouches. We use 925 sterling silver,50% of which has been recycled from other production processes. Jewellery is meant to last a connection to the past and the future. We bear this in mind with everything we make. Each item is made for you and for generations to come.

Modern Heirlooms

People have been making and wearing jewellery since before history and you can find ancient pieces that look startlingly modern. When we are in our Derbyshire studio working on something new we always have this in mind. Our jewellery is the antithesis of fast fashion, it is made to last, to be treasured and handed down from generation to generation. Many of our designs are inspired by old traditions which combine with our love of the natural world to give the items a comforting, timeless quality. Your own little oasis of calm in a busy modern world.

Bespoke Items

If you see an item you like but need it in a different size or would prefer 18ct gold to solid silver please email us for a quote. We can also customise some of our pieces, adding stones and personalised messages. Contact us with your requirements and we will provide a quote. All bespoke items require a deposit and are non-returnable.

Bespoke Made to order

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